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 Program Fee: $60.00

Klein High Tennis Booster Club Members

​The Booster Club Membership funds are essential to the operation of the tennis team. These funds pay
for court nets, tennis balls, windscreens, benches, snack coolers, merchandise, and expenses associated
with our end-of-year tennis banquet (catering, awards, trophies, and every player’s meal.) The school
district doesn’t provide any of these items. The tennis team can’t function without sufficient funds from the Booster Club. Every player receives benefits from these funds, so we ask that every family be a member of the Booster Club.

Family Booster Membership (Only): $125.00

Program Fee:  DriFit Nike Short Sleeve Practice Shirt, healthy match snacks, fresh fruit & sports drinks (fall & spring)​​

Family Member
Booster (family recognition on website, banquet
program, extravaganza event banner)

Program Fee + Booster Membership: $120.00

​Michael Baker         (Super Booster)

Regina Childress     (Super Booster)

Vikram Fernandes

Stalfo Johnson        (Super Booster)

Essay Martinez       (Super Booster)

Tiffany Schmutz     (Super Booster)

Douglas Spartz 

Susan Stuhr

Toronto Family

Hargrave Family

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Board Members

Charlotte Johnson (President)
Marci Martinez (Vice President)
Alex Barrerra (Treasurer)
Lyndsay Baker (Secretary)
Adam Cocke (Tennis Coach)

Program Fee + ​Family Membership Booster: $185.00

​​​Booster Membership (Only): $60.00